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Psychic Readings by phone or chatPsychic Readings by phone or chat

On this site you can call or chat with psychics. You can ask questions about your partner, your career, your health. You can even receive a distance healing.

Psychics work with their intuitive gifts, they can be clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient.

They will need your name, and sometimes your date of birth.

The psychic will attune to your energy, and read your energy, as well as others around you (you partner, friends, family)

Some of them also work with Spirit Guides, Angels, Lightmasters. Others may use the pendulum, crystals, tarot cards etc.

Please read the profile carefully before you call a psychic. So you know their specialties, and the way they work.

You can ask questions about:
– Your love life;
– Your career;
– Your health;
– Finances;
– About your twinflame, or soulmates;
– About your family, friends and colleagues;
– Indigo children;
– HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons);
– Starseeds;
– Cleansing and protecting your house;
– Connecting with spirits;
– Every other subject.

How do you prepare for a reading?
It’s best to write down all your questions, so you don’t forget them during the conversation. Some psychics need the date of birth of the person you are asking questions about, please have them ready.

Psychics can see and feel blockages and help you move forward in life. Before you call, please always be open to their advice. Sometimes it needs time to sink in.

If you don’t have any questions, but need some guidance, support, just someone to talk to, you can also call us. The psychics are here to help you. Perhaps they have a message from Spirit or the Angels to support you. Or you can can receive a healing, and positive energy.

Please know that the future is not set into stone, and the psychics are never responsible for the choices you make. Timelines can be difficult, and not all psychics give them.

Know that you have Free Will (and your loved ones as well), nothing can be forced, you can’t change others, but you can change yourself!